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Key Resources

Short web articles

Niko Lusiani, 'Let’s get fiscal – human rights advocates are tackling tax injustice' [Español, Français, العربية]

Audrey Graughran, 'Cracking down on tax abuse will help promote economic and social rights'

Thomas Pogge, 'Human rights and just taxation'

Lloyd Lipsett, 'Illicit financial flows, poverty and human rights'


Radhika Balakrishnan and Diane Elson, ‘Auditing Economic Policy in the Light of Obligations on Economic and Social Rights’ (Essex Human Rights Review, 2008)

Allison Christians, ‘Fair Taxation as a Basic Human Right,’ International Review of Constitutionalism, (November 11, 2009).

International Bar Association’s Human Rights Initiative, ‘Tax Abuses, Poverty and Human Rights’ (2013)

Nicholas Lusiani, ‘Only the Little People Pay Taxes: Tax Evasion and Switzerland’s Extraterritorial Obligations to Economic, Social and Cultural Rights’ in Litigating Transnational Human Rights Obligations: Alternative judgments (Routledge, 2014)

Ignacio Saiz, ‘Resourcing Rights: Combating Tax Injustice from a Human Rights Perspective’ in Human Rights and Public Finance (Hart, 2013)

Tax Justice Network Germany, 'Taxes and human rights' (2013)

Tax Justice Focus - the Human Rights edition

Attiya Waris, 'Tax & Development: Solving Kenya's Fiscal Crisis Through Human Rights', (Law Africa Publishing, 2013)

United Nations and other official documents

UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty’s report on Tax Policy and Human Rights

Council of Europe’s Human Rights Commissioner, 'Safeguarding Human Rights in Times of Crisis'

UN Independent Expert on External Debt and Human Rights, ‘Illicit financial flows, human rights and the post 2015 development agenda’ (2015)

A sample of case illustrations

Balakrishnan, R., Elson, D., Economic Policy and Human Rights, (2011)

CESR, ‘Guatemala: Assessing fiscal policies from a human rights perspective’

CESR, ‘Mauled by the Celtic Tiger: human rights in Ireland´s economic meltdown’

CESR, 'Visualizing Rights Egypt' (2014)

CESR, ‘Visualizing Rights: Spain’ (2015)

INESC, ‘The Role of Brazilian Civil Society in the Tax Reform Debate: INESC’s Tax Campaign’

Advocacy materials

Christian Aid and SOMO, ‘Tax Justice Advocacy: A Toolkit for Civil Society’ (2011)

'New Haven Declaration on Human Rights and Financial Integrity'

CESR and Christian Aid, 'A Post-2015 Fiscal Revolution: Human Rights Policy Brief'  (español)

CESR and Christian Aid, 'Indicators for a Post-2015 Fiscal Revolution' (2015)

'Tax Justice to End Inequality: World Social Forum 2015 Declaration'