There are a wide range of legal tools developed by a wide range of organizations that can serve work to promote legal accountability for denials of economic and social rights:

ESCR-Net Caselaw Database : This very useful database has been established by ESCR-Net and allows you to search cases related to economic and social rights around the world.

Business & Human Rights Corporate Accountability Portal : This is another useful database that provides details of lawsuits in which private corporations have been accused of human rights abuses, along with expert commentaries.

OHCHR Database on UN Treaty Body recommendations: This database is maintained by the UN's Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and allows you to search for recommendations of the UN Treaty bodies that monitor the implementation of the human rights treaties.

ILOLEX Database of International Labour Standards : This database is maintained by the UN's International Labour Organization to capture ILO recommendations.

The American Society of International Law (ASIL): ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law. This guide provides a useful overview of electronic sources available for international human rights, regardless of the format. It includes general tips for doing research as well as for locating necessary documents and materials. It provides pointers on where to start: Bibliographic Databases and Online Catalogs, Research Guides and Bibliographies and Periodical Indexes. The scope encompasses both primary sources on human rights instruments and jurisprudence, and secondary sources (including documents from non-governmental organizations and country reports) and concludes with links to other relevant websites. The emphasis is on English-language materials, but the availability of resources in other languages is noted.

If you know of more useful databases, please send us a link!