Otros enlaces y recursos para el control de los derechos ESC

Muchas otras personas y organizaciones trabajan también para desarrollar nuevos métodos de control de los derechos humanos.


Budget Analysis


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Treaty Monitoring

Quantitative Methods and Datasets

Theory and Academic

Organizations and Initiatives

Measuring Access to Justice Project is a research and development project with a primary goal to develop a standard methodology for measuring the costs and quality that users of justice may expect on the most common paths to justice. Access to justice is measured through three indicators - costs, quality of the procedure and quality of the outcome. These indicators are measured from the perspective of the users of justice.

International Budget Project was formed within the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities to collaborate with civil society organizations in developing countries to analyze, monitor, and influence government budget processes, institutions, and outcomes. The aim of the Partnership is to make budget systems more responsive to the needs of poor and low-income people in society and, accordingly, to make these systems more transparent and accountable to the public.

HURIDOCS an international NGO based in Geneva helping human rights organizations use information technologies and documentation methods for their advocacy work. They have created several manuals for guidance, including “What is monitoring” and “Promoting and defending economic, social and cultural rights : a handbook”.

Haki Zetu: ESC Rights in Practice was created by the Special Programme on Africa by the Dutch section of Amnesty International aimed at helping African NGO, CBOs, civil society organizations and local communities realize their economic, social and cultural rights.  The series consists of four handbooks on ESCR, including a main book, the right to adequate housing, the right to adequate food and the right to adequate water and sanitation.