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EG Policy Forum – Madrid, March 2010

The EG Policy Forum is a space created by EG Justice to discuss and reflect about human rights in Equatorial Guinea. It brings together different national and international actors, such as civil society representatives in Equatorial Guinea, Equatoguineans living in exile, academics, international non-governmental organizations and donors.

In March 2010, CESR helped coordinate the third EG Policy Forum; the event was in Madrid and was attended by 20 people. It took place the day before the Equatorial Guinean government presented to the UN Human Rights Council its final observations to the recommendations of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process. The main objective of the meeting this time was to discuss the challenges and opportunities that Equatorial Guinea presents to protect and fulfil human rights through different political and legal processes, such as its revision under the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and the UPR process.

The event provided a great opportunity to defenders of human rights to share their experiences and ideas about the current context of the country and discuss their own projects and activities. They also shared experiences of international strategies to hold the state accountable to its human rights obligations. Finally, it served as an opportunity to enhance links between national and international actors, including the Center for Economic and Social Rights, EG Justice, Human Rights Watch and the Open Society Justice Initiative and discuss joint strategies to pursue human rights in the country.