Switzerland should answer for women’s rights impacts of its role as tax haven
Press release: A key UN human rights body hears evidence that Switzerland’s opaque financial system is undermining women’s rights around the world.
Women’s rights and revenues: why we can’t achieve gender equality without fiscal justice
by Kate Donald
March 26th, 2015
Blog: While it is widely accepted that taxation plays a key role in determining income inequality, we are seeing more and more that it dramatically impacts women's equality and human rights as well.
100 Years of International Women's Day
by Allison Corkery and Victoria Wisniewski
March 8th, 2011
Women should have access to education, to jobs, to land and to resources, not only because it is good for the economy, but because—like men—they are entitled to these fundamental rights.
Egypt: Economic and Social Disparities Underlie Calls for Change
by Victoria Wisniewski, Ignacio Saiz and Kevin Donegan
February 4th, 2011
Disparities between youth and adults, and between men and women, especially in health, education, labor and an adequate standard of living, reveal much.
La Cumbre sobre los ODM: una oportunidad para demostrar un liderazgo real sobre los derechos de la mujer
De todos los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Millenio, el ODM 5, dirigido a mejorar la salud materna, ha sido el más descuidado y el que cuenta con menos fondos. Como era de esperar, los avances en el cumplimiento de éste han sido muy irregulares.
Tackling Income Inequality in the United States through Financial Literacy Programs
by Victoria Wisniewski Otero
July 6th, 2010
The income gap between whites and blacks more than quadrupled between 1984 and 2007, and a quarter of black families have no assets at all.
Maternal Mortality and Human Rights
by Shira Stanton
February 8th, 2010
CESR to co-sponsor panel discussion on maternal mortality in New York
Online discussion on Women and Poverty
by Shira Stanton
January 20th, 2010
UNDP and UN/DESA are organizing an online discussion on Women and Poverty in preparation for the 15-year review of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action; the ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review on gender equality (AMR); and the High-level Plenary Meeting of the sixty-fifth session of the General Assembly, focused on the Millennium Development Goals.