Rights in Focus

In a world riven by poverty and inequality, CESR asks why denials and violations of economic and social often are treated with less urgency than violations of civil and political rights. We believe in holding governments - and non-state actors - accountable for denials and violations of these rights.

Millions of children never go to school or drop out early, leaving them illiterate and innumerate, condemned to a life of poverty and insecurity. Fighting for the right to education helps to give these children a chance.
The right to physical and mental health is a fundamental human right, but millions of people worldwide have no access to basic healthcare services and cannot afford even the most basic medicines.
A global food crisis threatens the lives of hundreds of millions of children, women and men, mostly in the world's poorest countries. Children die every day from diseases spread by dirty water. Fighting for the rights to adequate food and water promotes access for all. Fighting for freedom from hunger means fighting to change the national and global policies that perpetuate hunger and famine.
Water & Sanitation
Water is essential for human life. No one can survive without access to clean, safe drinking water. Children die every day from diseases spread by dirty water. Fighting for the right to water promotes access to safe water for all.
Work & Labor
Despite the formal end of slavery, millions of men, women and children continue to work in slavery-like conditions, are exploited, trafficked and bound by debt. Millions of people, especially women and minorities, are denied work on the basis of discrimination.
Half of the world's population lives in poor quality housing or slums that do not provide adequate shelter against the elements and do not have access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Millions are faced with insecure tenure arrangements, leaving them vulnerable to forced eviction.