Here you can find CESR's basic primer on ESC rights, links to manuals on ESC rights from other organisations, and lists of key background reading to learn more about economic and social rights.

CESR's Basic Primer on ESC rights
This Primer aims to provide a basic introduction to ESC rights.
CESR's Manual on the International Covenant on ESC Rights
This manual written for CESR and Sri Lanka's Law Society Trust gives a detailed introduction to the Covenant and on how to report to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
Manuals on ESC rights from other organisations
Here you can find very helpful manuals produced giving an introduction to ESC rights, as well as manuals that draw links to other issues, such as 'ESC Rights and Minorities'.
Key Background Readings on ESC Rights
Learn even more! Here you can find a list of key readings on ESC rights.
Key Readings on Human Rights and Development
Here you can find a list of key readings on the linkages between human rights and development.
The Simple Guide to UN Treaty Bodies
The Simple Guide to the UN Treaty Bodies, produced by the International Service for Human Rights, aims to provide human rights defenders and their organisations with a broad overview of the UN human rights treaty body system and its functions to support their effective engagement with the treaty bodies.
CESR's Publications
Click here to access all of CESR's publications.